Yes, Gnome 3 STILL sucks!! (rant)

Really, use what you like, and that’s the great part of Linux. Do it how you want.

But… I personally don’t like Gnome 3, AT ALL, but there are those that do and I’m glad it’s there for everyone to choose it or not.

Gnome 2 was the defacto standard for linux DE (Yes there were others, but then there was gnome 2). And I’m not even a gnome fanboy (but I am a kde fanboy, just sayin). Gnome 2 was light on resources, Highly customize-able, fast, snappy, easy to work with, made sense.

Gnome 3 is none of those things. It’s heavy on resources, Not highly customize-able, slow, sluggish, a dread to work with, and doesn’t make sense. And, for a while there, everytime they released a new Gnome 3 update they took some function away or removed some usefull thing from it. Personally I think they did that because it was a resource hog, slow, sluggish, and they were desperately trying to make it work better, which never actually worked and made it less usable then it already was. I also find it interesting that they keep removing things leaving it to the community to make it functional. Saw an article a couple days ago “23 extensions to add to gnome 3 to make it heaven”. My reaction was WTF? Plasma by default does all you need without anything extra. Why does every single gnome 3 distro out there do something different with the DE? Cause by default it sucks and has to be reworked to make it not suck. What Ubuntu, Pop!_Os, Linux Mint, and all the rest have done with Gnome is awesome, but gnome didn’t do any of those. Gnome is none of those by default.

When people come from Windows or Mac, many times it’s because they can’t make those their own and they hear how linux is massivley customizable. But, then new users are first suggested to use Gnome 3, which is the Linux worlds Windows, or MacOS. It sucks on the same scale as either of those other 2 and is only /slightly/ more customizable.

I’m an old school linux user and I remember around 2010-11(?) they released the first proof of concept barely workable prototype of gnome 3 shell for preview purposes only. I thought it was AMAZING and BRILLIANT and couldn’t wait until it became more usable. It’s about as usable now as it was then and I’m still waiting.

Anyway, that’s my mini rant for now. Good day all.

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